Written by Kisma K. Stepanich-Reidling

The Faery-Chronicles Novel Series

Based on ancient Irish Folk Tales, Kisma weaves her own interpretations of those she uses with the weird and uncanny real life experiences she has encountered while traveling in Ireland. 

The Books

Faery With Teeth


History and fiction merge seamlessly in this first luminous novel about Faery lore and immortal awakening. Through the eyes of a Faery witness, the Otherworld comes dazzelingly alive in the lavishly imagined dramatic portrayal of the adventures an international group of Faery Faith practitioners have, when they join Vivian McFarlain, an American tour facilitatore, and Cian O'Neill, an Irish-druid guide, for the pilgrimage of a lifetime, and come face to face with the Faery with Teeth.

Oceans Of Time


A masterfully daring and beautifully written novel set in fourteenth century Ireland. In the true fashion of a traditional Irish storyteller, we are guided into the extravagant aura of the Otherworld, as she expertly portrays the richly dramatic and cursed romance between Aine, the Irish Faery Goddess of Love and the historical Second Earl of Desmond, whose meddling in the black arts unleashes a demon upon the world. The ancient past weaves together with modern times through a battle between humans and demons, the outcome of which will affect both the Faery and human worlds.

Children of the Stars


Heather Devine is a writer of women spirituality and a student of Celtic Traditions. When researching Irish lore for her next book, she comes across an ancient ritual and performs it, conjuring an Otherworld Being: a Faery Queen but during the course of her adventures with the Queen Heather's sanity is challenged when she is forced to awaken to a past life memory.

The Love Of Tear-Drop And The Hound


From the ancient annals of Ireland comes the famous myth The Sickbed of Cuchullain, which master storyteller, Kisma K. Stepanich-Reidling uses as the foundation for her passionate love story between a Faery Goddess and demi-god. 

THE LOVE OF TEAR-DROP AND THE HOUND is a journey into the fantastical world of Irish Gods and Goddesses, warriors and heroes, Faeries and Inbetweeners, demi-gods and mortals the likes of which have never before been portrayed as they are now.

Set in 21st-century Ireland, we are taken effortlessly between our world and the realm of Faeryland, where we are guided through the twists and turns of this newly created, yet significantly traditional based tale; a journey that evokes a deeply emotional response and leaves us wanting more.

It's Always About Trust, Isn't It?


Ms. Stepanich-Reidling brings to us the fifth volume in her series, The Faery Chronicles, providing us with yet another exhilarating exploration of the Faery Realm and encounters with a host of beings both of our world and that other country, wherein humans are quite considered  the unique being.

In this volume, we meet Kathleen MacNamarra, an American who lives between southern California and the west coast of Ireland, who becomes caught in an intricate web of the supernatural. Kathleen is accepted by the Sidhe, becoming a Faery Favored Mortal, only to find that though she gains great fame as a poet and painter, her involvement with them costs her the one thing in life she holds most dear, and this because of one careless statement made to Eire, an ancient queen, who chooses Kathleen as a Faery Ambassador in the mortal world.

Ms. Stepanich-Reidling's story is so exhilarating and captivating, an incredible weaving of the human and Faery Realm, which draws us into altered time and space so quickly and completely that it becomes near impossible to put the book down.

In Search Of The Beloved


The final book in The Faery Chronicles.

Currently being written.

Projected publication: 2018


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The Faery-Chronicles Novel Series

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