Children Of The Stars

The Faery Chronicles Book Three 

By  Kisma K. Stepanich-Reidling

  • Published:     October 2008
  • AuthorHouse, Bloomington, IN
  • Format:          Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages:             312
  • Size:                6x9                   
  • ISBN: 9781434399458

A novel of ancient lore and magic set in the modern day.

Heather Devine is a writer of women's spirituality and a student of  Celtic  Traditions. When researching Irish lore for her next book, she comes across an ancient ritual and performs it, conjuring an Otherworld Being: a Faery Queen.      The Faery Queen becomes Heather’s teacher of  the Faery Tradition, which—according to Queen Fay—can only be passed down mouth-to-ear; an oral Faery Tradition rich with wisdom and kept hidden in the Land of Faery since the Tuatha De Danaan withdraw from the world of mortals.       Queen Fay encompasses Heather in a mist of powerful experiences; some of which challenge Heather’s sanity and force her to have an awakening of  past life memory.  As Heather's relationship with the Faery Queen develops, Heather is visited by a Leanhuan Sidhe, Trooping Faery, the Unseelie Court, obtains a Fetch, and is unwittingly coached for admittance into the inner court of the Sidhe. When Heather is escorted into Faeryland, there she receives a 'gift of Faery'.   

     CHILDREN OF THE STARS is a beautifully written tale, woven with ancient magic and modern wonderment, often enchanting the reader into believing they are part of the story, and leaving one wondering if this tale is more real than mere fantasy.

A Secret...

There is a "secret" involved with this particular installment of THE FAERY CHRONICLES I feel include to share with you.

     I actually wrote this book, or one very similar to it between 1990 and 1992. That particular edition was written in first person and was titled: The Oral Faery Tradition. The manuscript was considered a "creative non-fiction"--as it was based on my personal experiences with the Faery Realm and that Queen Fay mentioned in this book--and was mailed off to my publisher of that time. 

     The publisher took an interest in my manuscript and read the volume himself and, though he thought it was "beautifully written," he also felt it would be "over my readership's heads." He advised me to revise the book, turning it into a two-volume, how-to series on Faery Wicca instead.

     In 2007 when cleaning out my office Icameacrossavery battered manuscript, the rubber-bandthatwas holding the pages together disintegratingatthe first pull.I satdownto remember not to forget to remember... I heard the mystical Otherworldly voice of Queen Fay's whisper through my mind.

     "Ah, but Kisma, here is book three of The Faery Chronicles, simply give it the title Children Of The Stars."  ... And that's exactly what I did.

     This story is my personal mythology. In some way, shape and form, these events did transpire. The manner in which I have chosen to express them was directed by Sacred Self--Queen Fay, Sinend, cunning woman--in the manner that would, on one level or another, be absorbed by the reader. Absorbed and understood.

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