Faery With Teeth

Book One of the Faery Chronicles 

By  Kisma K. Stepanich-Reidling

  • Published:    July 2003
  • AuthorHouse, Bloomington, IN
  • Format:         Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages:           388
  •  Size:             6x9                   
  • ISBN: 9781410740700

...do we dare wonder which comes first, the tale or the true life experience?

Now, the author of the Faery-Faith books, the Faery Wicca series and the Gaia Tradition brings us a new novel series all about the Faery in Ireland. History and fiction merge seamlessly in Kisma K. Stepanich-Reidling's luminous novel about Faery lore and immortal awakening. Through the eyes of a Faery witness, the Otherworld comes dazzlingly alive in the lavishly imagined dramatic portrayal of the adventures an international group of Faery-Faith practitioners have, when they join Vivian McFarlain, an American tour facilitator, and Cian O'Neill, an Irish-druid as their guide, for the pilgrimage of a lifetime and come face to face with the Faery with Teeth., Book One of the Faery Chronicles.

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